Triple P – Stepping Stones Adaptation is a parent-training program that has been developed for parents of children with a disability to help with difficult behaviour and managing issues common in children with disabilities. Available in individual or group settings, it is based on Triple P’s parenting strategies and is appropriate for parents of children diagnosed with autism who are experiencing challenging behaviours.

Number of participation hours required each week

Under 20 20+
Time commitment varies. Can be 9-16 hours over 10 sessions, or longer individual sessions if needed.

Cost of intervention per week

$0-$30 $30 – $80 $80 – $100 $100 – $120 $120 +
Notes:A group program will cost approx. $550, usually to be paid in full before the commencement of the course. This equates to $35 an hour. Individual sessions would most likely be higher.

A parent workbook can also be purchased for an additional $15.

Home, Clinic, or both?

Home-based Clinic or centre-based Both or it doesn’t matter.
Possible pros of this intervention Possible cons of this intervention
Educates and empowers parents of children with autism to effectively resolve daily behavioural difficulties. Therapy is directed towards assisting parents manage their child’s behaviour. There is little or no interaction between the therapist and child in this intervention.