Speech Generating Devices and other Augmentative and Alternative Communication includes electronic devices that convert text or pictures to a recorded voice, enabling the user to speak. These devices include Dynavox machines and iPads, amongst others. They offer people with little or no ability to speak the opportunity to communicate. These devices are particularly useful for children who are non-verbal. They can be used to support participation in other therapies. Some devices may rely on words being typed on a keyboard, or words/ pictures being tapped on a screen to generate speech.

Number of participation hours required

Under 20 20+
Daily constant use is required to acquire skills for communication.

Cost of intervention per week

$0-$30 $30 – $80 $80 – $100 $100 – $120 $120 +
Initial equipment purchase can be thousands of dollars, however newer technology is more cost effective.

Home, Clinic, or both?

Home-based Clinic or centre-based Both or it doesn’t matter.
Possible pros of this intervention Possible cons of this intervention
These devices offer a communication solution for children with limited or no verbal skills.
Use of these devices can encourage verbal communication.
Some devices are very expensive. Therapy sessions are usually required to educate children and their families in the use of these devices.