Relationships Development Intervention® is an intervention aimed at improving a child’s ability to learn social skills and develop relationships with others. Therapists train parents, who then work with their child using strategies taught by the therapist. This parent-led approach is most suited to children with high functioning autism. Strategies include looking for opportunities to practice communication, encouraging the sharing of feelings, and focussing on speed/ pace of conversations.

Number of participation hours required

Under 20 20+
Notes: Requires ongoing practice and reinforcement of skills learned in the home environment in order to be effective.

Cost of intervention per week

$0-$30 $30 – $80 $80 – $100 $100 – $120 $120 +
Notes: Fees include training, manuals and ongoing therapist support.

Home, Clinic, or both?

Home-based Clinic or centre-based Both or it doesn’t matter.
Possible pros of this intervention Possible cons of this intervention
Learnt skills such as:

  • Sharing feelings, memories, plans and ideas
  • Understand that sharing is a good thing, and recognise when other people share
  • Solving problems in creative and flexible ways
  • Reflecting on past experiences and thinking about what might happen in the future
  • Cope with uncertainty and setbacks when these happen.

These learnt skills are all transferrable to daily interactions.

High level of cost for assessment and ongoing monthly support over a period of time.