Music therapy uses music and the interaction between the teacher/therapist and child to teach specific skills and may improve social and communication skills in children with autism. There are many different types of music therapy. Therapy activities promote interaction, expression and social skills such as taking turns. Sessions are conducted with a Registered Music Therapist who will assess individual need before creating goals and activities with ongoing evaluation.

Number of participation hours required per week

Under 20 20+
Sessions are typically 20 to 50 minutes per week

Cost of intervention per week

$0-$30 $30 – $80 $80 – $100 $100 – $120 $120 +
$30 to $100 per session each week

Home, Clinic, or both?

Home-based Clinic or centre-based Both or it doesn’t matter.
Possible pros of this intervention Possible cons of this intervention
Promotes a range of skills.
Suitable for all ages.
Registered Therapists might not be experienced in working specifically with people with autism.