Circles of Support is an inclusion program encouraging other families with typically developing children to form a support network around families with a child or children with autism. Support may take place in the form of organised group activities or other social activities, with anaim to provide families with the opportunity to discuss goals and aspirations for their child, issues around caring for a child with a disability, and other aspects of family life. The circle is centered around, and is focused on the family whose child has been diagnosed with autism.

Number of participation hours required each week

Under 20 20+
Regular meetings typically held every 6 – 8 weeks, usually about 2 hours in duration.

Cost of intervention per week

$0-$30 $30 – $80 $80 – $100 $100 – $120 $120 +
Community based facilitator, relies on funding sources. No fixed cost.

Home, Clinic, or both?

Home-based Clinic or centre-based Both or it doesn’t matter.
Possible pros of this intervention Possible cons of this intervention
Ability to nurture and develop friendships and relationships, with a view to long-term support for people with disabilities, particularly for respite and progression into independent living. Program not available in all areas.